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46ert6The carpet cleaning is a task that is often tedious and complicated to carry out, especially if you do not know which products to use. From removing stains to remove odors are some of the actions that we carry out with carpet of any stay. Cleaning carpets and rugs can be a challenge, especially when they are spotted. Professional carpet cleaning services can be good and easier to fit into your schedule. Rents washing machine carpets are a little cheaper, but also have to buy shampoo to use. However, you can also prepare your own carpet cleaner solution, you can use it in most leased machines, wash your own carpets or simply with a bucket and a sponge. With the liquid or salt you can clean the whole carpet, high-traffic areas or just remove stains or drippings.

Clean with salt

ertetA perfect trick to clean and disinfect the carpet is to use salt: you must take a salt layer over the entire surface of the carpet and then screw it. It will be necessary to keep it there for a few hours and then unscrew and vacuuming to remove excess salt.

Remove stains

To remove stains from carpets, before they dry should apply water with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide or just sparkling water. Let it act and dry with a dry cloth or kitchen paper, without rubbing. It will also be very important to clean stains on the carpet from the edge inwards to avoid bigger.ty

Detergent and vinegar

oihuVacuum cleaner in actionSimilarly, another of the tricks to clean carpets you will be particularly useful for food stains (fruit, coffee, wine, etc.). Involve mixing warm water with detergent and vinegar applies mixture on the carpet stain with a sponge. After a few minutes, clean the area with a cloth and let dry.

This is a trick that you will be very economical but also very useful for cleaning carpets at home.

Remove odors

In addition to conducting a thorough cleaning of the carpet, is also often necessary to eliminate odors that these acquire. To do this, we suggest a simple trick: sprinkle the carpet with baking soda and leave it for at least 4 hours and then remove it with the help of the ovacuum cleaner.

Bicarbonate is a product with many uses in household cleaning, as is convenient and yet effective in removing odors, stains, dirt, etc. You can use the sodium bicarbonate for this.


The carpet also possible long stays to clean, the carpet should then still with a textile Impregnate spray be additionally protected. By spraying a fiber and fabric protection to stabilize the carpet pile. Thus, the carpet of a renewed soiling or felting is better protected and new stains can be easily removed by vacuuming. After impregnation, the carpet should not be re-entered until it is really dry.